Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Wonderful World of Kindergarten Part 1

Mrs. Susan Ritchey makes teaching kindergarten look easy.  She asked to move to kindergarten after teaching first grade for twenty-two years in order to see if she could teach kindergarten students first grade material.  To say the least, the experiment worked.  Mrs. Ritchey looks at each new kindergarten student as a clean slate.  As a teacher, she sees the fruits of her labor daily and finds it rewarding to listen to students read fluently in March who could not read in August.   

She also focuses on teaching them writing and math.  Our students are writing complete sentences with impressive handwriting abilities considering their age.  Their math skills make them more than ready for first grade.  Heidelberg Academy believes one of the issues holding Mississippi back academically is the lack of first grade readiness.  Entering first grade ready to learn makes a huge difference in future academic success, but we believe starting first grade surpassing expectations further solidifies academic success even more. 

We invite anyone looking for the best kindergarten program in Jasper, Jones, Clarke, or Wayne Counties to join us April 17, 2015 to preview our kindergarten program at Heidelberg Academy.  Space is limited, so registering early is encouraged.  More information will be given about preview day in the upcoming weeks, but anyone interested in touring the school, or meeting Mrs. Ritchey earlier, may call the school office at 601-787-4589.  We promise an entertaining experience for anyone visiting our kindergarten.  The kids love the fact they know how to read and love reading to anyone willing to listen. 

Stay tuned for Kindergarten Part II at Heidelberg Academy and see more students ham it up for the camera!!!!!!                         


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Football 2014

The 2014 Heidelberg Academy football season ended last night with a heartbreaking loss to Newton.  Whoever said it doesn’t matter if you win or lose probably lost.  Although the season ended on a sour note, the good memories far outnumber the bad.  The pictures below capture a few of the fun moments that Heidelberg Academy students will remember for years.                     

  Having prayer after games shows humility and honors God.    

Mrs. Bounds kissing a pig

Completely Awesome!  

Superhero Day
Teachers and coaches unafraid to show their fun side are the most successful, for they earn the respect of students.  

The pig went home with lipstick on its head after Mrs. Ritchey kissed it goodbye.

True leadership and school pride

Mrs. Taylor made a new friend.

last but not least....

Thanks for the memories!